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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 21, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the storm all night long. what does it look like out there right now? >> we have the rain already starting to come down. this is the third in a series of storms moving in. batten down the hatches folks this will be a big storm overnight. we have both because of the coastline that will be pushing on short bringing lots of rain. most of that right now is fairly light but we are beginning to see pockets of that picking up just a little farther south in the santa cruz mountains where watching that closely. they get a lot of uplift and they could see a lot of rainfall. we have the yellows and oranges and where you see the pink, that's colder air with sleep developing across the peaks. heavy amounts of rain making their way in this is just some warm frontal rain. we are not in the big part of the storm system. visitors lighter rain as we head into 10:00 or so that's
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when the rain will pick up. it will become heavy at times throughout the night. in and along the peninsula we see a lot of shower so be very careful. if you are traveling the bay area just about everywhere you go there will be rain. in the east bay you see the rainfall making its way through that area as well as more of the rain moving further to the south toward fremont. our friends in the north bay also continue to see a lot of rain in that area. we have plenty of rain on the way and plenty more to come. this is unfortunate because places like this down towards hollister where we look at the flooding, is likely to continue not only tonight right into monday. they will see a lot of rain tonight and an inch tomorrow not only that but we had tremendous wins coming our way tonight. more coming up in a few minutes.
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before the rain started coming down coastal areas on the peninsula were already dealing with high winds and high surf. were live at ocean beach with the beach swells, spencer what are the conditions right now?>> reporter: lawrence is nailing it with the wind he's talking about taking up. i am holding onto my hood so it doesn't blow off my face. i came out knowing there was a high surf morning and i expected to talk to some surfers but what i found was a weather phenomenon that had crowds of people coming to the beach to watch it and play with it. this may be the closest san francisco gets to snowball's. the flush is not frozen but with scattered on the beach. this is a lot of seafoam an indicator of how high the surf was and how frothy it made the water. >> there has been no clear
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period, it's like 10 to 20 seconds right now. it's absolutely wild.>> reporter: the would be surfer is correct. the national weather service said it 14 to 15 seconds swell periods. swells were as high as 24 to 28 feet. that's why i didn't see any surfers but plenty of people were on the beach.>> we heard about the waves and i had no idea what the phone was. >> my son is a big fan of the ocean. >> reporter: and that is what you call a sneaker wave. natures, and he seemed less threatening but it still has the same effect. >> i was about 50 yards forward and not paying attention then the next thing you know the boat was over my feet and i had to sprint about 50 yards to not get covered. i finally out here with her kid she lost her shoe and her kid was crying. no one knows what's going on but the foam is crazy. i've never seen anything like
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it. >> reporter: as fun as that phone looks, the large breaking waves are something everyone needs to take seriously. and as the rain picks up you can expect the high surf and high wind, up to 40 to 50 mile lowers. live at ocean beach spencer blank -- spencer blake. we're tracking rate in the east bay. lidia joins us live. what are the conditions out there right now?>> jr stone it is sprinkling right now been here in this area san ramon is common people to take castro valley to take the grand canyon area to get into the valley and san mateo bridge but lately that area has been closed down because of the rain.>> this is what look like a crow canyon as
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the rain flooded the road and alameda county put up barricades but that push the water onto chuck morse property. >> i am trying to get the water from running over the road to be on my property more. a consequence of that is more volume and has caused a significant amount of erosion. here's one way looks like now.>> this has been here for over 30 years. all of a sudden this rain didn't handle it. >> his driveway isn't the only storm damage. >> reporter: relative given way and hillsides had been sliding. south and north kenyans have it shut down on many occasions since the storm started. people say it has been hard to get around.>> the past three weeks it's been on and off. it has been flooded, there are trees everywhere. it gets
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pretty bad.>> reporter: in fact the canyon just opened after a tree fell on a car on friday.>> went to go all the way around and it's hard for us to get home but people know it will only get worse as the rain continues. >> as for the damage to the driveway mr. moore hopes alameda county will help him. if he doesn't get any help from had it could compromise the road. reporting live in san ramon for kron news. make sure you have the free kron4 application. be the first to know about severe weather traffic in your area. we will keep you updated through breaking news push alerts. in san francisco despite heavy rain women's march organizers estimate up to 50,000 people took to the streets. they started at city hall which
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was lit up in pink with solidarity with the march. the group then made their way through market street holding placards and chanting. the march is ramping up and what is it look like out there right now ella?>> reporter: we are now inside bart station because the march wrapped up. people had been pouring in here to get back home. it was an impressive number of people, tens of thousands. you look at the video from the helicopter partnership with abc seven news, the impressive aerial footage of the masses drawn out here the san francisco city hall in solidarity against now president donald trump. that message has remain the same and we've had protest about the campaign trail and it remains the same. they do not accept president donald trump as their commander- in-chief saying his immigration policies will be too harsh. they are afraid that he has a
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massage -- that he is a misogynistic man so they continued to march despite the heavy downpour we have experienced they were chanting their slogans related to their opposition of the new president. >> is the most important thing to me for everyone to go together and we feel like we're losing things i don't north happening in the future. >> very concerned that the fact that russia has been so clearly identified as interfering in our election. >> reporter: protesters resorted to tactics even the golden gate bridge earlier where massive sign was hung up and later taken down. is in the custody of the police. that story tonight at 10 pm. there were also marches in other parts of the bay area. this is video of the protests
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in oakland and san jose. as many as 90,000 people join the women's march in these two cities today. some of those who attended the rally's later join the san francisco march jeff pierce was in oakland. we will have interviews from that location later in this newscast. hundreds gathered at walnut creek for the march. young and old came out at the popular city park carrying signs and donning pink hats. a symbol of support for reproductive rights. organizers believe this is not an anti-trump protest calling it a celebration of civil liberties and diversity. rather than say it was important the shoulder support here at home instead of heading to washington dc where thousands crowded the streets of the capital. on a one of the trump presidency, demonstrators have gathered in such large numbers
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that in some locations across the country there was nowhere to march. they were just too many people. >> reporter: many gathered in washington dc for women's rights. >> this is not just about women it's about all rights. >> reporter: as a rebuke of resident donald trump. >> we lost respect for the white house, we lost dignity and hope. >> reporter: the mass of people grew louder -- louder -- the mass of people grew larger than the path allowed. it would be like a snake eating its tail for the route chosen in baltimore. >> we need to ensure quality life for all of our citizens. >> reporter: denver, chicago, phoenix, leaders and activists speaking out about a litany of issues including women's health.
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climate change. immigration policies. the marchers were not limited to the united states got they happened around the world with people marching in melbourne and sydney, australia. spain, belgium and norway. and were protests against trump on friday night got out of hand, saturday's movement often carried a message of unity >> just because somebody made a bad vote doesn't make them a bad person and it's not going to make us into bad people either. i'm not letting the bad vote make us become that people. we will fight anyhow. president trump is accusing the news media of lying about the size of the crowd that attended his inauguration. the commander-in-chief said the crowd had stretched all the way to the washington monument from the middle of the national mall. photos taken at the mall show large areas of empty space compared to barack obama's
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inauguration eight years ago. trump said the inauguration crowd was over 1 million people. >> we had a massive fields of people, you saw that. yet i get up this morning and i turn on a network and they show an empty field. i said wait a minute, i made a speech. it look like 1 million to 1,000,000 1/2 people.>> reporter: trump says the media will pay a large price for what he says is alive. trump's inauguration was bigger than barack obama's second speech but 7 million less than the first inauguration of obama. the most-watched inaugural speech was ronald reagan seen by 42 million people.
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coming up at 8 pm donald trump's first full day in office. we hear from him after his visit to the cia headquarters. from act lawmakers in new york are working to protect earth control rights as president trump works to take down obamacare. we will explain the new regulations. when there is rain in the bay area that snow in the sierra , we will have an update in the ski resorts on your current conditions. [ music ]
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president donald trump paid a visit to the cia on his first full day in office. trump says he will meet british prime minister theresa may in washington. the commander-in-chief confirm the visit in a speech at the cia headquarters in langley, virginia just a few hours ago. government officials believe the meeting is likely to happen next week. british news outlets say the talks are likely to include trade caught nato, eu, and russia. president trump says don't believe everything you hear from the media.>> the reason you're my first thought is as you know i have running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. [ cheers and applause ] as you also probably have read, the prime minister is coming over to our country there shortly. >> british prime minister
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theresa may will be among the first four liters to meet donald trump after his inauguration. new york is making sure women continue to have access to free abortion and birth control. new york avenue andrew cuomo announced a new state regulations today coinciding with the women's marches around the world. some people are concerned they will lose access to the services if obama care is repealed. the states you measures ensures that insurance companies will continue to not charge copay are deductible for contraceptive drugs, devices, coverage for abortion services that are medically necessary will also be cost free. former president george hw bush are proving after all he last week that the two are recovering nicely at houston methodist hospital there and 92- year-old former president was hospitalized for breathing difficulties from pneumonia.
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the bush family spokesperson says he is breathing well without medical assistance. he will likely remain in intensive care for few more days. former first lady barbara bush was hospitalized wednesday for bronchitis. she could be released as early as sunday. for those who are going skiing this weekend or this week, there was quite a bit of snow in the sierra, maybe a bit too much. this picture was posted on squaw valley facebook age, you can see the snow buildup is taller than the people clearing the area. squat announced they have broken a monthly record of 19 feet of snow for the month. they are expecting 20 inches tonight, 15 inches on sunday. the wind could reach hundred 20 miles per hour off at the peaks . in one photo you can see the long lines at m1 picture you see heavenly mountain and the patrol crews digging out the padded area of a list tower.
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skiers that we talked a bit -- skiers that we talked with our loving it. >> it was not bad. not much traffic. >> reporter: what made you come out tonight? >> to get some practice in. >> he prepared and bring a full tank of gas and warm clothes. >> opine is closed because of the extreme conditions. squaw valley will work under limited operations and obviously that could change as the weather changes. on now joined by meteorologist lawrence. >> hundred mount darwin's off the mountaintop is extreme. >> but to drive out there -->> it will be hard to get up there. you will see a ton of snow. we have another major storm moving onshore right now. doppler radar is picking up on that system, that they, cloud
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off the coastline. this system will be strong as it comes onshore with very gusty winds and that might he a major part of the story. we could see flash letting but the wind will bring down some power lines. you see the showers popping up in the bay area and most has been light but very consistent rainfall. a few spotty areas down by san jose is the sunnyvale. scattered light showers in towards the park and you can see some pink as you look toward mark hamilton for the colder air and maybe some sleep across the mountains there. -- sleet across the mountains there. hayward you are looking at rain as well at dublin u. s. some showers. we see this all around here. the troubling system is bringing rainfall but the main event will kick in for another few hours. lots of rain outside right now.
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looking toward the golden gate bridge with plenty of shower activity at this time and if you are driving be extra careful. the winds are going to get really bad especially along the shoreline, bridges, and mountaintops. >> the winds are beginning to pick up now as you see out of the south generally as 60 miles per hour. in san francisco yet 18 in oakland. this is the beginning. high wind warnings go out tonight and there will be sustained winds at the front comes through at about 10 pm through 3 am. 40 mahlon hour winds gusts up to 60. there will be a lot of trees come down with the storm system and probably a lot of power lines as well. we will timeout those winds overnight. about 2:15 am expect the wind at about 48 miles per hour in
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half when they. 34 and hayward and 34 inside the bay in san jose. tomorrow morning things calm down a little bit in the next part of the system comes in and you'll see the wind start to ramp up again. a lot of rainfall out there as well. flash flood watches out for almost the entire bay area with creeks and streams rising rapidly. likely that the rivers will stay within their banks but possibility of flash flooding out there. stack of rainfall totals over the next 24 hour so maybe over an inch and a half in santa rosa and an inch and a half in the san francisco. a little suspect on the number in san jose but you could see an inch of rain there are plenty more to come. more on the weather coming up. next a truck in indiana literally lost its marbles. we will have an update on the cleanup effort.
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if you fail to sign the citation i have to put you under arrest. best the last thing i want to do.>> can you show me that role?>> san mateo county traffic enforcement program is back in force again. i will tell you about it in the next people behaving badly. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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after years of traffic crackdowns on the peninsula you might think it would be harder to find drivers breaking traffic laws. but if that were the case there would be no need for this segment of people behaving badly. >> reporter: here is stanley roberts fining people behaving badly.>> reporter: in san bruno auto race left runway a car runs a stop sign, how do i know, i am writing with an
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officer of the san bruno police department. >> you came straight through the stop sign and continued right through it. is everything all right? is there an emergency or anything ex-no? do you have your drivers license?>> reporter: its 2017 and s.t.e.p. is back in force. traffic officers from all around san mateo county have the sole purpose to target problem areas in an effort to reduce traffic collisions. >> i am issuing a citation -- >> i will not sign it. >> here is the deal. let me explain it to you sir. >> that is not legal. >> let me explain this how this goes.>> you are catching a person who stopped. >> sir. may i talk now? >> can i talk? can i talk x can i talk?
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>> >> reporter: the driver continued to talk all while refusing to sign a ticket.>> if you failed to sign the citation i will have to put you under arrest. that's the last thing i have to do. >> is there a rule like that?>> yes. >> can you show me the role? >> i am telling you it's the rule.>> reporter: and he told the driver to sign a ticket. and a few moments later another driver ran a different stop sign.>> is everything all right? where are you headed?>> reporter: this driver was stopped by the san francisco police department and this is how the driver pulled over so i asked, how did you end up like this? >> he asked me to stop here.>> reporter: and you know the hands-free law x this is his phone directly in front of his face. >> take the mount off and put it in the window over here. there.
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>> reporter: officers also stop drivers for not having the headlights on while there when chilled lifers are on.>> >> reporter: if you are not sure what the traffic laws are i suggest you look them up and not before your court date. in san bruno stanley roberts kron4 news. >> if you have comments or story idea for stanley email us at people behaving badly at>> if you have comments or story idea for stanley email us at people behaving still ahead woman's marches across the bay area. we will take you to the biggest once. around the world, which demonstrations brought out the most people globally.
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it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. this is the bay area new station. kron4 news continues now. thousands of people marched day and a north a east
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bay south bay as part of the national women's movement. we spent the afternoon in san jose were tens of thousands showed up here>> >> reporter: and power by strength in #25,000 women young men and boys upset by donald trump's inauguration centered -- settled at the park for one of the largest demonstrations that the city of san jose is ever seen. >> i know people think the way i do. >> reporter: women's rights are important. and bailey drove up with her goddaughter. they shared a powerful moment together.>> i like as a community that we can agree on something here >> reporter: before descending on the park this large crowd joined at city hall, san jose mayor posted his office few of
8:31 pm
the gathering on twitter with the #this is what democracy looks like. mayor locarno greeted them on state -- on stage. >> we want to assure we have affordable health care and people are very committed, and united, if then incredible contrast to the division we see in the country. >> reporter: women still believe in the country. >> it's more than one person, it takes everyone to make the world whole. >> reporter: that makes -- it also takes members of the lgbt community. >> he won't break us. >> at the end of four years we will said mr. trump you are fired.>> reporter: women standing together fearful of the direction the new administration wants to take the country and many of the men back them. pictures are worth 1000 words. in san jose.
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thousands gathered in oakland today in support of women's rights. jeff pierce has that story. >> reporter: as many as 60,000 people joined in oakland saturday for a peaceful gathering to be part of a nationwide movement. >> there are 637 marches just like this taking place right now with millions of people. >> >> reporter: it has become a movement to protect women's rights in the wake of a trump presidency. >> our commitment to defend and to honor our right to control our own bodies. [ cheers and applause ]>> >> reporter: it became a demonstration that transcended women's rights to become the core of a resistance movement
8:33 pm
against the anticipated policies of the new administration. >> we just watch a total misogynist get inaugurated yesterday. >> i have a clear message for mr. trump. if you think that you can bully when it back to the 1950s, think again. >> this is a movement and 2016 to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the women see this all is a threat to the rice they have so hardly fought for.>> when want to fight against anything that that new occupant of the white house tries to throw against us. >> evening is a feeling we're not alone were all in this together and that maybe we can move the country forward.
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>> we will not let our country become trump incorporated. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: many of the thousands who march made their way to during the march in san francisco? -- san francisco. if you are in oakland you might've seen some folks rappelling off of the city hall building. the three people you saw here were part of a group of aerial dancers, some call them of vertical ballet group. we did check with police and they did have a permit to repel off the franco gala building, the city hall building and they have performed on skyscrapers got bridges, billboards and cliffs. there are more video clips of the group performance from today on twitter. a number of prominent figure spoke out at the women's march in washington today. one of today's featured speakers was activist and feminist gloria steinem. this is what she had to say.
8:35 pm
>> everything that happened before him was a disaster. and everything that he would do would be fantastic, the best ever miracle and all the superlatives. he also said he was with the people. indeed he was the people. to paraphrase a famous quote, i just want to say i have met the people and you're not them. >> steinem also use the references social media says of twitter finger was not become a trigger finger. there were a ton of celebrities outweighing their name to support women's rights in the nation's capital. take a look.>> president trump, i did not vote for you. [ cheers and applause ] that said, i respect that you are our president-elect and i want to be able to support you ask
8:36 pm
that you support me. >> we will not allow our bodies to be owned and controlled by men in government, or men anywhere for that matter.>> if we do not stand together, march together, fight together for the next four years, then we will lose together. >> be stars do not just take to the stage, they took to the streets and marched with hundreds of thousands of protesters. thousands of president trump protesters gathered in paris on saturday. the crowd was voicing what they believe is a lack of respect from america's new commander-in-chief. pairs police say at least 2000 people that near the famous eiffel tower holding up banners that read liberty, equality, sorority in reference to france's national model. many residents of the city of love state trumps views on
8:37 pm
women's rights and climate change affect the world, not just the united states. people gathered across the globe for women's rights including our neighbors to the south. a rally was held outside the u. s. embassy in mexico today. solidarity with the women's march, many mexicans kept an eye on the presidential election and are closely watching to see if trump follows through with his promise to build a wall on the us-mexico border. up next a high school shooting leaves a student in critical condition. what we know about the moments leading up to the shooting. a bus crash kills 16 people , many of them students on a skiing trip. where it happened and why investigators say the bus crashed. and here it comes, the strongest most serious storms moving onshore. it will be some kind of storm tonight. we have details coming up next.
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trucker in indiana has lost his marbles, literally. this is an image on screen you can see here. police say a truck carried 38,000 pounds of marbles lost his trailer today. it happen on a busy interstate highway in the indianapolis area. the marbles lawn the shoulder and in the median. luckily there were no injuries and the traffic was bumper-to- bumper for most of the day. i'm joined by meteorologist to hasn't lost his marbles and thank god for that because you need to have all your marbles when it comes to this weather. if it doesn't stop raining soon many are going to lose their marbles. it looks like we will catch a break that been tonight here comes. another storm moving into the bay area and probably the strongest of the three that have brought a ton of rain. great news for the watershed,
8:41 pm
but many roads had been damaged in the windy storms and many trees are down and power outages are everywhere. keep your flashlight handy because you will likely need it. we continue to see the rain moving onshore and most of this has been lighter rain in the area, down toward san jose right now you see some pink and white, that is sleet developing over the mountain areas. it will intensify into the midnight error -- midnight area. heavier rain south of sunnydale now. a little further along the peninsula we catch a break down by san mateo a little rain still coming into san francisco. across the bay everybody is seen a slight rain. into the tri-valley as well. we are about 100 miles away from the main cold front pushing onshore as the system moves onshore.
8:42 pm
the rain will intensify with the big story tonight will be the wind. out the door we have showers in san francisco with cloudy skies and rainfall amounts to to five inches across the mountain tops, 1 to 2 inches on the peninsula and about three quarters of an inch in the south bay. heavier amounts where the santa cruz mountains -- there in the santa cruz mountains. watches are in effect across the bay area so watch for rapid rises and -- in the creeks and streets. as the system moves by we expect strong and gusty winds as the front moves through between 10 pm and 3 am. where looking at sustained winds near the coastline of 40 to 50 miles per hour. wind gusts at 60 miles per hour may be 70 and higher peaks. some of the buoys off the coastline are already seeing some big us up to 15 miles per
8:43 pm
hour. not only that cut you'll see a lot of snow and high mountains as well. do not go up to tahoe tonight here there will still be plenty of snow as we go into next week. the good news is jr stone we will start to dry out by tuesday afternoon with warmer and drier weather headed towards next weekend. a deadly tornado ripped through the southeast. we will show you the damage and tell you what we know about the victims. laptop, tablet, phone, headphones, what is this gadget? it's something you might see a lot more of. i'm tech reporter gabe slate i will tell you all about it coming up on kron4 news.
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and world news tonight a bus crash leaves more than two dozen people dead and over 30
8:46 pm
others injured. the bus returning from a school trip hit a pylon near verona in northern italy a few hours ago. at least 16 people are actually dead and 39 others injured. the bus was carrying 55 people, the majority of those on board our teenage boys between the ages of 14 and 18. police are currently investigating the cause of the accident. speaking of italy, we just learned people have been found alive in the rubble of avalanche. 11 people have been found alive including two children. four people have been found dead and 20 others are missing. this video shows a helicopter rescue effort. about 30 people were inside the hotel when an avalanche buried the building on wednesday. crews are still hard at work looking for more survivors. in national news, one student has died of injuries after a school shooting in ohio.
8:47 pm
the attack happened before school started wednesday at west liberty high school. about 45 miles outside of columbus. the boards fit a nine-year-old girl, she died tonight after spending a few days in the hospital. authorities say the suspected shooter is in police custody the community says they are in total shock.>> it breaks my heart. it breaks my heart to know that this little innocent young girl has lost her life for nothing. >> champaign county sheriff's office is investigating the shooting. dozens of homes were damaged and for evil were killed in a tornado in alabama. a son and father were killed by a twister. the sun was crushed in a bed at his mother's house. the woman's
8:48 pm
trailer was struck by the tornado and she had to climb through a hole in what was either the roof or a wall to get out. we have not released the names of the four people who were killed in the storm. a new device is about to hit the market and it aims to help you when it comes to staying safe with free wi-fi in public. kron4 tech reporter gabe slate got a sneak peek at the gadget and shows us what it offers.>> reporter: this takes the wi-fi device you use and turns it into an encrypted secure network. while connected it passes through a connect the tunnel and no one in between can get access to your data. ike buehler and his team created this with simplicity. >> is easy. it has one button. >> reporter: after being powered up you find the chief of -- the item and connect.
8:49 pm
with all of the tax, we will see much more types of these gadgets hitting the market. it's $140 and you can preorder now. before you do it, there are mobile apps that do a similar thing and they are a lot cheaper. some of them are even free. i have used security. when you are in a wi-fi hotspot you launch the app on your phone or tablet or the software version on your laptop. it will connect you to the internet through the public wi- fi safely through a protected portal. one advantage of a hardware device like the keyhole is advantage. you can help multiple devices at once. >> like in a hotel you get a voucher for one device, this would be the device and you could share it with the entire family or friend. if you would like to connect with gabe slate you can add him on facebook follow on twitter or email slates@
8:50 pm nasa released breathtaking video of what look like maybe from pluto. this is from the horizon spacecraft. the images were taken over six months as the spacecraft flew by pluto in july 2015. it took horizon nearly 10 years and 3 billion miles to get there. pluto used to be considered the ninth planet from the sun, it was later reclassified as a dwarf planet. strike next a new study about the level of violence in movies. we will have a warning for parents coming up. -- next, a new study about the level of violence in movies. we will have a warning for parents coming up.
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we have a warning for parents about the level of
8:54 pm
violence and pg-13 movies. according to a study in the journal pediatrics, gun violence in pg-13 movies has more than doubled over the past 30 years. pg-13 rating which stands for parents strongly cautioned some material may be inappropriate for children under 13, was introduced in 1985. it's then movies targeting america's youth have more gun violence then r-rated films. experts are urging parents to talk with their kids about the violence they see on screen. the sundance film festival in park city, utah, is in full swing. many are on the lookout for hollywood's top celebrities. the ten-day independent storytellers storm festival began on thursday -- film festival began on thursday. from jennifer aniston to jay-z, simply walking the streets of main street and park city you may spot a star. >> to see anyone it is exciting
8:55 pm
at sundance. hopefully you see someone. >> we will be searching for everyone. >> leslie man from the other woman was spotted at the airport. jason segel from how i met your mother was seen in a parking lot. this weekend's premier of a dog's purpose has been canceled following the release of a controversial video. this is video of that recording on your screen. it appears to show a frightened dog been forced into water during production of the film. universal pictures says the production team followed rigorous protocols to foster and ethical safe environment for the animals. the crew says they trained several times with the dog but on this particular day the dog did not want to get into the water. he is asking people to boycott the movie. we talked about seeing stars in park city, one time i saw larry king as an
8:56 pm
early report. i chased him down and he ran from e.>> they ran away from e.>> i am not a scary guy and i didn't have any bad news and hopefully you don't either.>> that depends on your perspective. the rain is coming down again, as you see as we head through the evening, right around 10:00 or so we will see the brunt of the system make its way onshore. that's where you will see heavier amounts of rain even more impressive will be the wind. very strong gusty winds and some of the wednesday the 60 miles per hour are the coastline even higher than that on the mountaintops. into the day tomorrow it will be interesting. in the afternoon the rain once again take up. a chance of thunderstorms out there tomorrow afternoon. one more in a series of storms and will finally get a break. >> i cannot wait to hear more at 10 pm. thank you for joining us and have a great night.
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brad pitt is back. >> really special night. >> after lying low for a while, why his life is looking a whole lot different post-split. then exclusive lady gaga super bowl halftime secrets. >> that's what i want to do. ♪ >> her dangerous stunt, a guest performer, and the one thing you won't see in the show. also our day with j.lo. is she really dating drake? >> how are things going with j.lo? >> what she's only telling "e.t." >> that's what we've been doing. >> plus -- ♪ did you ever know that you're my hero ♪ >> "e.t." behind the scenes of the beaches remake. >> a lot of people saying don't mess with it. >> then -- >> make a little mambo. >> our melissa mccarthy


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